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Voice Chat Activex  v.1.1

Voice Chat Activex Is Activex that will bring conference sound into your application.

Mandolino Voice chat  v.2.9.6

Mandolino chat is a Intranet/Internet Java voice chat. It is based on a contralized system with a mobile chat-server. Mandolino uses P2P socket and Servlet Java technology to connect people over internet or intranet. As regards VoIP it uses GSM

BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK  v.1.0

BigSpeed Voice SDK is a set of two COM components (Client and Server) that lets you set up a virtual private voice chat network for secure messaging. The security is provided in two different modes: symmetric encryption with shared secret key and

Dolby Axon Desktop Client  v.

When you want complete control over your voice chat, you need a stand-alone chat client. The Dolby® Axon desktop client gives you that control in a powerfully simple user interface. If you don't like in-game voice chat or if your favorite games just

RaidCall  v.6.0.8

RaidCall is a free voice chat application for in-game communication. Raidcall is designed for group communication while gaming, especially for games requiring tight teamwork such as FPS and MMORPG games. It can provide clear voice quality with

Paradise Chat Online  v.7.2

Paradise Chat is a free, interactive online community with many ways for our members to enjoy our site such as audio/video chat capability, Web-cam capabilities, free games and just a ton of fun.Our features include voice chat, cams, text chat, buddy

Fantasy Sounds - MorphVOX Add-on  v.1.0

Enhance your online communication with the Fantasy Sound Pack. Now you can play sounds over voice chat including: sword strike, whip, arrow, horse, and more.

Comic Sounds - MorphVOX Add-on  v.1.0

Enhance your online communication with the Comic Sound Pack. Now you can play sounds over voice chat including: boing, scram, twist, whistle, and more.

Sci-Fi Sounds - MorphVOX Add-on  v.1.2

This free sound effects add-on gives MorphVOX voice changing software, eight new Science Fiction sounds. From the makers of MorphVOX voice changer, Sci-Fi Sounds enhances online fun. Now you can send cool sound effects over voice chat with ease.The

GCN  v.2.9.1

GCN is the ultimate communication tool - it's free, with high quality video, voice, chat, games, media player, built in browser, message boards, integration with other messaging services, whiteboard, language translator, file transfer and much more!

ICQ  v.6.5.1042

ICQ Lite has all the essential features of the full version of ICQ. You can message people, exchange files, send SMS messages, do voice chat, and meet people. It also includes multilingual support, the ability to save your chat histories, and a

Mumble  v.1.1.8

Mumble is a voice chat application for groups. It has low latency and superb voice quality. While it can be used for any kind of activity, it is primarily intended for gaming. It features an ingame overlay for DX9 and OpenGL based games, showing

Sales-n-Stats Free Edition  v.2.1

Sales-n-Stats Free Edition is a fully-featured package including all the features of commercial Live Edition v2.1 except for voice chat (VoIP). The number of live chat sessions permitted per day and the amount of daily Web traffic, that can be

Buudychat  v.0.1

A simple cliet/server voice chat for linux and hopefully windows.The program uses the GSM 06.10 codec for a 13 kbit/s

CellTalk version  v.0.1

VoIP software on linux mobile. Free voice communication between buddies having any jabber server account. * User can login to his gmail account from our application and then he will get online roster's list. * User can do voice chat with his

Mooch  v.0.8

Mooch is a Jabber and Google talk messaging client with a unique feature: screen sharing sessions. In addition to voice chat and text-based chat, Mooch includes the ability to view portions of the other party's screen and interact with it

SC Revolutions  v.0.0.1

A linux (may be ported to other operative systems) clone of Starcraft Broodwars written in C++ using OpenGL and SDL libaries. Will include multiplayer gaming and local gaming. It will include new functions like chat coloring, voice chat,

Speak Freely  v.1.0

Speak Freely is a Cross Platform Internet telephony (Voice Chat) application which provides high quality voice grade audio with GSM and CELP compression and encryption with DES, Blowfish, and IDEA ciphers. It will aim at interoperating with any RTP

XSP  v.1.0

XSP is an eXtensible socket-based protocol. XSP 1.0 is an XSP client. The main idea of this project is to connect two devices directly without any servers between them. Chat, file sharing and voice chat are supported now. Authors: m1kc and

Fangsatz  v.1.0

Make sure UDP port 1110 is open on the host machine, and have any number of remote people join and guess at words in turns by giving clues over a separate voice chat service such as Skype. The game was intended to be played with rules similar to those ...

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